Color Theory

Evoking clients’ emotions is one of the sweetest fruits that a project can bear.

Color is a powerful way to pull on the heart strings of any viewer. Unparalleled Eye Designs orchestrates outside of the box when theorizing color palettes for a space—the results are organic and distinctive. Paint creates high impact in a simplistic way; it also accentuates the personality and mood of a space.

This gallery highlights the more bold face of the color spectrum. Neutrals receive love too, in fact, Noel has a term called “conversational neutrals” which is the idea of establishing a dynamic space in the absence of color.

Design Headquarters, Brookland, DC

Noel’s Home.  Represents the four corners of the world.  An orange abstract painting from Morocco welcomes you.  Chartreuse is reflected in the gold gilded mirror— the homage to Miles Davis conducts electricity.  Senegalese art from the Island of Goree follows the jazz, and the history of this wall evokes true emotions.A cranberry Victorian settee sofa leads the vibrant teal backdrop; the color fusion promotes a contagion of positive energy

Sea Calm Study, Falls Church, VA

Academia requires focus.  Soft jewel tones help dial back the noise, allowing the task to be the forefront.  Splashes of navy blue offer some leverage. 

Peach Bungalow, Arlington, VA

Whimsical meets mid- century on the way to the Emerald City.  Peach and green have a natural affinity; gold and acrylic introduced a touch of luxury.